The Order of the Vulge


21 novi 422

21 novi 422 – Aboard the Dreamweaver

Shortly after arriving in the city of Quintas, the group is hired by Deymish, the captain of the Dreamweaver, to help him deliver some urgently needed supplies to the village of Redstone, deep in the Seshar Desert. Apparently, Redstone is experiencing some sort of medical emergency, and the Redstone clave of The Order of the Truth is desperate for supplies.

That was two days ago. The crew of The Dreamweaver sees no life on the high cliffs along the canals aside from a pair of the strange desert riders earlier in the day. The ship arrives in Redstone early in the evening. Deymish and the crew offload the supplies and make their way up to the Clave Tower. The group tries to negotiate with the first guard, Hataniah (Hat), but without success. Their luck improves, however, when the guard shift ends. Her brother, Dalias (Dal), is more open to bribery, and the group soon makes its way into tower courtyard. The gardens within are filled with a



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