The Order of the Vulge

Campaign Chronology

By Date

Year of Truth
24 novi – Arrive in Redstone with Deymish aboard the Dreamweaver, visit the Clave’s Tower, first night of disturbing dreams for the party
25 novi – Visit Redstone Quarry, speak with Corl Vehm (Elder of Redstone), second night of disturbing dreams for the party, Eric has a different dream outlining the necessary repairs to the Faceted Dome
01 duka – Travel to the Faceted Dome, battle with the Oogolian patrol. George first finds out about Triangle/Circle/Upside-Down T.
02 duka – Follow the trail to the Margr camp, defeat the Margr raiders and recover the replacement cylinder and other valuables
03 duka – Return to the Faceted Dome and complete repairs. Return to Redstone. The village celebrates the end of the nightmares. Free food and drink for the party.
04 duka – Visit the village archives and get paid by Deymish. George uses the headband cypher and discovers the location of Triangle/Circle/Upside-Down T, a mountain that the locals refer to as Sunrise Mountain.
05 duka – Party sets out for Sunrise Mountain via The Wandering Walk, a pilgrimage trail that traverses The Beyond, running roughly south-west to north-east through Seshar.
06 duka – The group continues along The Wandering Walk, arriving in Evereen late in the day.
07 duka – The group investigates Dog Lake, and finds a mesomeme living in the lake.
08 duka –
09 duka -



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