Ras Veshm

A Clever Jack who Explores Dark Places


Played by Eric

Tier: 1 Recovery: 1d6+1
Effort: 1
XP: 0


Might. 11/0
Speed. 13/0
Intellect. 14/1

Balancing (T)
Climbing (T)
Jumping (T)
Listening (T)
Numenéra (T)
Searching (T)
Interactions Involving Lies or Trickery (T)
Tasks Identifying or Assessing Danger, Lies, Quality, Importance, Function or Power (T)
Defence Rolls to Resist Mental Effects (T)
Not Good at Studying or Retaining Knowledge (I) – Lore, Knowledge or Understanding-related tasks one step more difficult.

Special Abilities
Practiced w/ Lt and Med Weapons (Enabler)
Flex Skill – once/day
Trained without Armour (Enabler)
Pierce (1 Speed)
Smart (included in stats)



Ras Veshm

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