The Order of the Vulge

Campaign Chronology
By Date

Year of Truth
24 novi – Arrive in Redstone with Deymish aboard the Dreamweaver, visit the Clave’s Tower, first night of disturbing dreams for the party
25 novi – Visit Redstone Quarry, speak with Corl Vehm (Elder of Redstone), second night of disturbing dreams for the party, Eric has a different dream outlining the necessary repairs to the Faceted Dome
01 duka – Travel to the Faceted Dome, battle with the Oogolian patrol. George first finds out about Triangle/Circle/Upside-Down T.
02 duka – Follow the trail to the Margr camp, defeat the Margr raiders and recover the replacement cylinder and other valuables
03 duka – Return to the Faceted Dome and complete repairs. Return to Redstone. The village celebrates the end of the nightmares. Free food and drink for the party.
04 duka – Visit the village archives and get paid by Deymish. George uses the headband cypher and discovers the location of Triangle/Circle/Upside-Down T, a mountain that the locals refer to as Sunrise Mountain.
05 duka – Party sets out for Sunrise Mountain via The Wandering Walk, a pilgrimage trail that traverses The Beyond, running roughly south-west to north-east through Seshar.
06 duka – The group continues along The Wandering Walk, arriving in Evereen late in the day.
07 duka – The group investigates Dog Lake, and finds a mesomeme living in the lake.
08 duka –
09 duka -

Numenéra in the Group (7 duka 422)

At Hand – 3/Nano, 2/Glaive or Jack


  • None


  • Ablative Armour (manual Canister) – Level 6, 12 pts Armour vs blast (George)
  • Amulet (Motion Sensor) – Level 4 (Paul T)
  • Blink nodule – Level 5 (Chris)
  • Chemical Factory (Nano – Potion form) – Level 6, restores 6 Might (Heather)
  • Detonator (Flash – long range, wrist projected, jury-rigged) – Level 4 (Heather)
  • Drug (Cure – Unconsciousness) – Level 4 (George)
  • Hunter-Seeker (Shoulder Launched, 6 pt damage Explosive, Blast Range Immediate) – Level 9 (Scott)
  • Instant Shelter – (Eric)
  • Machine Control Implant – (Eric)
  • Nano Factory (Worn – fragment of Armour) – Level 9, restores 9 Speed pts (George)
  • Metal Death (Arm-Mounted Dispenser) – Level 1, renders 1m x 1m of metal brittle (Scott)
  • Ray Emitter (Paralysis, Subdermal) – Level 7, Range 60m (Ken)
  • Reality Spike – (Marc-André)
  • Sound Dampener (Belt-Mounted) – Level 3 (Ken)
  • Spray Canister (Gravity-Nullifying) – Level 8 (Paul T)
  • Warmth projector (Injector) – Level 4 (Chris)



  • Hover Square – Level 3 (George)
  • Lightning Generator Rods – Level 5 (George)
  • Oorgolian Slug Thrower (Heavy) – Level 4 (Ken)
  • Oorgolian Detonation Projector – Level 4


  • Detonator (Caustic Shrapnel – Blast Range Immediate) – Level 3
  • Optical Diagnostic Tool (Goggles) – Level 7


  • Disintegrator Rod – (Eric)
  • Faceted Dome Cylinder
  • Frigid Wall Projector – (Marc-André)
  • Headband (7th Age Local GeoData) – (George)
  • Nano Repair Fluid – (Eric)

Missing Cyphers

  • Dan x2
21 novi 422

21 novi 422 – Aboard the Dreamweaver

Shortly after arriving in the city of Quintas, the group is hired by Deymish, the captain of the Dreamweaver, to help him deliver some urgently needed supplies to the village of Redstone, deep in the Seshar Desert. Apparently, Redstone is experiencing some sort of medical emergency, and the Redstone clave of The Order of the Truth is desperate for supplies.

That was two days ago. The crew of The Dreamweaver sees no life on the high cliffs along the canals aside from a pair of the strange desert riders earlier in the day. The ship arrives in Redstone early in the evening. Deymish and the crew offload the supplies and make their way up to the Clave Tower. The group tries to negotiate with the first guard, Hataniah (Hat), but without success. Their luck improves, however, when the guard shift ends. Her brother, Dalias (Dal), is more open to bribery, and the group soon makes its way into tower courtyard. The gardens within are filled with a

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